Services & Membership Benefits


Membership PrivilegesStandardGoldPlatinum
Basic Service Fee5%3%1%
Minimum Order100 USD100 USD100 USD
Max amount accepted by AGC200 USD400 USD800 USD
Local Shipping : Sellers Price✔︎✔︎✔︎
Consolidation in unused box✔︎✔︎✔︎
Logo Printing, Qty 50050 USD50 USD50 USD
Logo Design39 USD39 USD39 USD
Free Product SearchUp to 30 ProductsUp to 30 ProductsUp to 30 Products
Product Search FeeAfter, $1/Item Max of 2 LinksAfter, $1/Item Max of 2 LinksAfter, $1/Item Max of 2 Links
Free StorageFirst 120 daysFirst 150 daysFirst 180 days
Storage FeeAfter, $1/Pack/dayAfter, $1/Pack/dayAfter $1/Pack/day
Return, not Seller’s mistakePay local shipping & Service FeePay local shipping & Service FeePay local shipping & Service Fee
Photos**$1 / photo$0.75 / photo$0.50 / photo
Customized Items20 USD handling fee for each item20 USD handling fee for each item20 USD handling fee for each item

* Drop-Shipping Service. We can add your business logo in the box.

We will handle printing of stickers in China, simply send us your Logo in PSD or other formats.

** Photos. If our quality team suspects nonconforming or defective product, we will upload the
photo in your order page, free of charge.

How to upgrade your Membership?

Membership PrivilegesStandardGoldPlatinum
Loyalty Program?/td>1,999 Points3,999 Points
Standard Member Upgrade?/td>$ 199$ 299
Gold Member Upgrade?/td>$ 99

Membership can be upgraded through either of the ff:

Loyalty Program. Each dollar spent on item cost & local shipping is equivalent to one point ($1 = 1 Point). Once accumulated points reach the thresholds in the table above, membership is upgraded to the applicable category.

Instant Upgrade. Standard Member can pay for automatic upgrade to either Gold or Platinum by outright payment of applicable fee. Likewise, Gold Member can upgrade membership by paying $99.

Value-Added Services

Taobao Age Factory Sourcing | Taobao Agent
Factory Sourcing

We help you connect directly with Suppliers so you can price your products competitively & enjoy wider margin!

Taobao Dropshipping | Taobao Age
Drop Shipping

We ship your orders directly to your customers. We can also add your business logo in the box.

Taobao Age | Taobao Agent | Taobao English

Return / Exchange

We return defective or nonconforming products and/or have it exchanged by the seller. Seller shoulders local shipping.